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The First English Blog Post

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Random Thoughts


For someone who is not consistent with writing habits, it was an easy decision. The reasons are clear:

  1. Having some practice for my English besides the work environment.
  2. A better way for presenting myself to the worldwide network.

And to be honest, I need to force myself to write more and more. I love writing but it’s sometimes really hard to find a topic to write about. For example, this post will be about how this blog is built and how I’m using my text editor for it.

How did I set up my text editor? #

For the text editor, I use my trusty Neovim , which is my all-time choice. You can find my Neovim configs in my nvim_configs repo. Thanks to being highly dyslexic (I even made a typo while writing dyslexic), I need something to help me. For this, there is a language server for Grammarly. I just need to run :LspInstall grammarly and add some config changes to my lspconfig configs thanks to default clientId in nvim-lspconfig being broken.

  init_options = { clientId = 'client_BaDkMgx4X19X9UxxYRCXZo', },

It’s not perfect but still works for me, besides some annoyances like giving errors in *’ or technical terms.

An example annoyance
An example annoyance

What did I use to build this site? #


Actually, I already had a blog backend written in Django , but I didn’t want to maintain it anymore. And also there is another reason that I keep a server up just for a simple, basic blog. That’s why I decided to move to a static site generator that can be deployed on Gitlab Pages . And I chose Hugo for its community and is written in a language that I know ( Go ). For templates, I could write a template, but first, I’m lazy, second I didn’t even develop a single line of front-end for at least a year. After doing deep research on Hugo templates (a 10-minute walk in Hugo Templates page..), I decided to use Blowfish template for being simple yet nice looking

What do I planning to use this blog for? #

Actually, there are some subjects in my mind, and most of them are related to my field, programming.

One of them is, I’ve been messing with Rust Language for a while. I’m still a noob in the subject and a lot of concepts are new to me due to me being a Python/Go developer. But I want to better myself in system development, low-level hardware management, and writing better and safer software.

And another main topic is, strange stuff (or at least strange to me) I found while doing my job.

I also would like to write about gaming on Linux, but there are already a ton of sources for that in English, but I still might write them in Turkish.

In the end, let’s hope I remember to write here…

Göktuğ Korkmaz (Köfteist Köfte)
Göktuğ Korkmaz (Köfteist Köfte)
A free software and Linux loving developer who time to time uploads something to Youtube when he feels like it.